By using our services, you have entrusted your information to us. We understand that protecting your information is a big responsibility and requires hard work. This Privacy Policy was made for the purpose of assisting you in understanding the information we collect, along with the reasons we collect it.

We collect information to provide better services to all our users - from basic things like your session when using our application, to more complicated things like giveaway that you think is the most useful or friendship advice. This information is used according to how you use our services and how you manage or control your privacy.

If you log in, we also collect your information which we will store in our database according to your session when using our application, which we consider to be personal information.

When you use our services, you provide us with personal information including names, usernames and token access.

We also collect content that you create when you upload, or receive it from other users when you use our services. This includes things like the media you make and receive, photos and videos that you publish, the number of comments and likes that you have on your media.

We collect information about the applications and devices that you use to access our services, which will help us provide new features.

The information we collect includes unique IDs, device types and settings, operating systems, cellular network information including operator names and telephone numbers, and application version numbers. We also collect information about your interactions with our service, including the service you are currently using, IP address, time, date, crash report, and system activity, and your referrer URL.

We collect this information when you actively use our services on your device, for example. When you install our application. This information includes things like the type of device you are using, operator name and crash report.

We collect information about your activities on the service, which we will use to do things like recommend friends and giveaway that you might like. Information on the activities that we collect may include:

- The giveaway you are taking.
- The media, status or video you are using for the giveaway.
- People who communicate with you or share content with you.

If you use our services to conduct and receive, send and receive messages, we may collect message log information such as the person who received the message, the time and date of the message.

Our purpose in gathering information from all our services is as follows:

1. Maintain or improve our services

We collect your information to ensure that our services function as intended, for example. To solve the problem that you reported to us. We use your information to improve our services.

2. Create or Develop our new service

Information we collect to help us develop new services. For example adding the mention number detection feature to our Random Giveway application.

3. Measure performance

We use analytical and measurement data to understand how our services are used. For example, we analyze data about using our application to do things like optimize performance and product design.

4. Communicate with you

We use information that we collect, such as your email address, to interact directly with you. And if you contact us we will keep a record of your requests to help resolve any problems you might be having.

We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside our services without your permission.

We will retain data as long as the User account remains active and can carry out deletions in accordance with the provisions of applicable legal regulations.

This policy applies to all services that we offer.

We may at any time make changes or updates to this Privacy Policy. We suggest that Users read carefully and check this Privacy Policy page from time to time to find out any changes. By continuing to access and use our website and other services, the User is deemed to have agreed to changes in the Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by email: fazzdeveloper@gmail.com

This Privacy Policy is made in Indonesian and English. If there is a difference in interpretation between the Indonesian text and the English text of this Privacy Policy, the Indonesian text will apply.

By using our services, you acknowledge and realize that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and agree to the collection, management and storage of your data by us as stated in this Privacy Policy. You also give us the right, power and authority to use your data, in accordance with the provisions contained in this Privacy Policy.